Strata Titles


  • Advise on strata titled projects and “off-the-plan” sales of strata title properties.
  • Prepare contracts for sale for “off-the-plan” residential and commercial strata title developments.
  • Advise on all aspects of the Strata Titles Act 1985 (WA).
  • Preparing & registering strata company by-laws and amendments to strata company by-laws.
  • Consolidation of strata company by-laws.
  • Advise on strata company by-law interpretation and validity.
  • Preparing infrastructure contracts and common property licence agreements.
  • Advise on governance and management of strata companies and council of owner duties.
  • Advise on termination of strata schemes.


  • Issuing breach notices to lot owners and enforcement of strata company by-laws.
  • Strata levy debt recovery.
  • Acting for strata companies and lot owners in State Administrative Tribunal proceedings for orders and/or declaration, including:
    • validity of minutes of general meetings & resolutions of strata company or council;
    • contraventions of the Strata Titles Act 1985 (WA);
    • election of council members;
    • provision of strata company documents;
    • interpretation of strata company by-laws;
    • strata company records and documents;
    • termination of strata schemes;
    • imposition of levies and charges by strata company; and
    • disputes between strata companies and strata managers.
  • Preparing and issuing notices of proposed complaint and commencing building disputes for faulty and defective works on common property.
  • General commercial dispute resolution for lot owners and strata companies.